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The publishing activity on the Faculty is a part of the science- education process and the science-research work. It is present almost from the founding period of the Faculty– begins with the script: “Projecting and building roads” from Prof. Dimitar Karadzov, published 1950. Until today, 50 scripts have been published, as a help instrument for the teaching disciplines. Some of them were published several times. Another form of publishing activity, is publishing textbooks helped by the University, and in the last years by other publishers. Thus, 35 basic textbooks have been published and a ten teaching helpers that are covering almost every teaching discipline.
Authors, professors at the Civil Engineering Faculty, are represented through publications of scientific acts and monographs of publishers outside the University and the Faculty. In this way, in this country and abroad, were published 14 valuable books, picturing a part from the collective and from the individual science-research work at the Faculty.
The professors and the assistants at the Civil Engineering Faculty present the acknowledgments from their reach science-research and applicative work at many congresses and symposiums in the country and abroad. They are publishing their papers in specialized scientific newspapers, in paper proceedings of the Faculty, and what’s maybe more important, they are implementing them in their work.

Publishing act of the Civil engineering faculty:


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