The civil engineering constructor has knowledge, courage, as well as privilege to create and to dimension the time and the space for living. The course of structural engineering educates the future constructors and encourages their ideas in designing and building of structures that will improve the everyday live.
Residential buildings, industrial buildings, buildings for sport and culture (stadiums, sport halls, swimming pools, theatres, museums, cinemas, exhibition pavilions), bridges, viaducts, water towers, reservoirs, silos etc are creations of the civil engineering constructor.
The theoretical and practical problems in the designing, building, maintenance and revitalization of the reinforced-concrete, steel and wooden structures are subject of the course of structural engineering, as well as the specific problems of the geotechnical and aseismic engineering, following the novelty in the computational programming and in the industry of the building materials.
The course of structural engineering comprehends four program integrities, covered with appropriate departments:


According to numerous worldwide estimations, the water is the most important natural resource in the 21st century and the capacity for solving water management problems is directly affecting the existence and progress of the social communities.
Hydrotechnics is a science that deals with: basic theory, designing, construction and operation of engineering structures and teaches how to use the water, how to preserve the water and how to protect from it.
The Department of hydrotechnics, as a part of the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Skopje, has long and rich tradition that dates back from the year of 1949. Nowadays, the hydrotechnics course is divided into the following three departments:

Undergraduate and postgraduate students have the opportunity to obtain knowledge in several different subjects, such as: hydraulics (gravitational water flow, water flow in systems under pressure, surface and underground water), hydrology (rainfalls and overflows), river regulation (sand deposit movement, river bad regulation), water supply (regional systems, pump stations, reservoirs, water treatment plants), sewerage (systems for wastewater and atmospheric water, spoil banks, treatment stations), irrigation (irrigation of agricultural land), hydrotechnical structures (embankments and concrete dams, spillways and drainages), hydro energy (power plants, derivations, surge tanks), water resource management (simulation and optimization mathematical models).

Насока по патишта ижелезнициROADS AND RAILWAYS

The main research interests of this course are the roads and railways and their transport infrastructure.
The two departments that teach about these subjects date since the formation of the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Skopje and have five-decades of teaching tradition.
The modern times bring up the contemporary requests about planning, designing and construction of transport infrastructure. Because of that, engineers should have a solid knowledge, not only for constructions, but for the traffic engineering and project management as well.
This course teaches about the planning, designing and construction of the roads and the railways, along with the methods for choice of the materials for each layer of those structures and construction technology of tunnels and earth works.
In the studying process, during the classes, our students have the opportunity of learning about new and modern software packages, together with their application in solving practical problems. After this course, graduated engineers can easily start their professional careers in many different areas, such as: urban planning, traffic solutions, road designs, city traffic engineering, railways, railway stations, economy and investments in traffic engineering etc.
This department collaborates with many other civil engineering faculties in the world, among which are the faculties in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Switzerland and France.


Конструктина наскокаStructural engineering
Насока по патишта ижелезнициRoads and railway


Конструктина наскокаStructural engineering
Насока по патишта ижелезнициRoads and railway

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