As the supreme scientific Institution in the field of civil engineering in Macedonia, Faculty of Civil Engineering maintains and develops the scientific research, without which progress is impossible. Teachers and collaborators from the Faculty have published over 2500 scientific papers. They actively participate with labors for many congresses, conferences and symposiums in the country and abroad. The Faculty is organizer and administrator for several scientific and professional events held in Macedonia. In accomplishing scientific research work, of great benefit is the library, which included about 40.000 titles of domestic and foreign books and magazines.

The development of scientific research in the Faculty is covered in two periods. By 1975 the scientific work of teachers and associates is largely individual, and a number of teachers and staff participated in the work of other research and commercial organizations (Institute for testing of materials, Geotechnics Institute, the Institute for Studies and Planning at the Faculty, which are independent business organizations) in designing organizations (Hidroelektroproekt, Pelagonijaproekt etc...).
After the establishment of the Faculty of Civil Engineering as an independent organization in 1975, conditions are created for the intensification of scientific-research work. Mostly it is done with involvement in research projects and preparation of master's and doctoral dissertations.
With constitution of the Faculty as an independent organization in 1975, a new organizational structure is introduced. Directed by the teaching and science council of the Faculty, the scientific projects are made in contemporary institutions. In all institutes many projects are designed. Some have an international character, they are prepared in cooperation with relevant institutions abroad. Most of the projects for scientific activities are funded by the then SIZ. With the independence of our country, the funding of innovative projects was undertaken by the Ministry of Science. The development of innovative projects, led by experienced staff, the collaborators are learning more, finding material for field training and scientific progress.
Currently in the Faculty more scientific research projects are active, funded by the Ministry of Science and foreign programs.

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