The library was founded with the foundation of the Technical Faculty, back in 1949, and it is working independently from 1975. From the foundation till now, the activities of the library are constantly improved and modernized.
The library is supplied with different types of library material (books, magazines, standards) in accordance with the needs of the users.
The book fund consists of books, foreign and domestic specialized literature, magazines and different standards. The library has around 16.000 titles, which makes it one of the best equipped libraries, having in consideration the fact that it is a library of non-public type. In this number are not included the master thesis and doctorial dissertations from the Faculty of Civil Engineering and the proceedings from held symposiums and seminars.
The library users are all students at the faculty, (from the regular studies, and also master and doctorial students), and all employees at the Faculty. The total number of the users is around 1000. The enrolling of the students in the library is done personally and only valid index for the actual semester is needed. The books can be kept maximum 2 semesters, and in case a book is being lost, an amount equal to the value of the book should be paid.

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