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On the Faculty of Civil Engineering in the academic year for undergraduate studies there are three exam sessions with two exam terms:

registration for exams
9 to 18 january
19 to 21 december
20 to 31 january
19 to 21 december
19 may до 04 june
07 to 09 may
05 to 15 june
07 to 09 may
20 augustto 03 september
25 to 27 june
04 to 17 september
25 to 27 june

Winter semester last from 15 september to 31 december.
Validation of the winter semester and registration of summer semester is from 1 to 3 february 2012.

Summer semester last from 01 february to 15 may.
Validation of the summer semester and registration of the winter semester is from 14 to 18 september 2012.

Registration for exams in one session for the two terms is done by one application. If the student doesn’t appear in the first term, the application is valid for the second term also.
If the student has negative mark in the first term, he is obligated to apply with new application in appropriate box right after the announcement of the results, but not later then three working days before the second term.

Note: Application of exams in one session for the two terms is done by one application form. The student must note for which term he is applying (first or second). There is no possibility for the student to take exam in the two terms in same session. For additional day-session the student has the right to choose only one exam for which he can apply, via e-mail on the address This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it one day before the exam (30. january, 14. june and 14. September) in the time from 09 - 11 hour. The new application will be done in the time of the exam. The students without proper application on the named e-mail address and without application can’t take the exam.

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