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Entrepreneurship at the NIT – First-generation Track B students put their business ideas into practice


The Entrepreneurship Track, an in-depth specialization part of the double degree master’s program at the NIT, was launched a year and a half ago. In four teams, students have since been beavering away at new and innovative technological business ideas. Terra Pellet and brightup are business ideas that two of the teams are now ready to implement in real life as startups.

Terra Pellet: Ayca, Jonas, Bojan, Philip

Ayca Cangel, Jonas Matzen, Bojan Pelivanoski, and Philip Teege of Class 13, in collaboration with Torsten Bettendorf PhD, TUHH Institute of Wastewater Management and Water Protection (AWW), and Thomas Voss PhD, TUHH Institute of Environmental Technology and Energy Economics (IUE), are currently in the process of registering a patent for the Terra Pellet organic fertilizer they have developed in cooperation with the above-mentioned institutes.

Terra Pellet is an organic soil enhancer and fertilizer consisting entirely of recycled biomaterial. The aim of Terra Pellet is to increase food production sustainably. Its vision is that of a rising world population and the soil degradation that goes with food production one day no longer fueling conflict flash points. Terra Pellet aims to make the soil fertile over a long period. The fertilizer is intended for use directly by consumers who produce their own organic food and would nevertheless like to boost the growth of their crops, but would prefer to do so in a natural and sustainable way.

Along with the preparations for patenting their technology, the team is busy preparing for a field trial to demonstrate the Terra Pellet concept in practice. The market launch is planned for November 2014. In a first step, Terra Pellet is shortly to be registered as a GbR, or civil law company. A further task is to find investors. Taking part in the various business challenges in which the team has applied to compete should prove helpful on this score, and the team has already reached the finals of the JacoBus Business Plan Competition, to be held on April 19 and 20. Terra Pellet is also competing for the TUHH Startup Award, newly launched by the TUHH in 2013, for the 2013 NAPEC Innovation Challenge and the 2013 Bio Gründer competition. ,

brightup: Sebastian, Ana, Maximilian, Kiran

Sebastian Rösch, Ana Christina Agüero, Maximilian Schmiedel, and Kiran Joseph, also Class 13 students, are planning to apply soon for a patent for their brightup system. brightup is a plug-and-play system for lighting automation in private homes. It consists of adapter plugs for the lamps and a central unit that communicates with the adapter plugs by wireless. The central unit is connected to the Internet. A free app enables users to control their lighting at home and on the move with their cellphone. Lighting can, for example, be programmed to switch off as soon as you leave the house or as soon as it is dark when, say, you are on vacation. Or when on the move you can switch off that kitchen light that you left on inadvertently.

brightup is intended as a first step in the direction of home automation. The system is inexpensive, easy to set up, and intuitive to use. It can also be extended flexibly and thereby adjusted to the requirements of the user or the home. An unlimited number of lamps can be added to the system, and you can take it with you when you move to a new home. The students also set great store by sustainability – from manufacturing the equipment (recyclable devices, environmentally certificated manufacturers, etc.) via a long service life to energy saving by means of automation (automatic switching off and dimming). Along with preparing to apply for a patent, the team is currently applying for an EXIST startup grant.

The students have already found in the entrepreneur Prof. Thomas Matzen an investor for their startup financing. The startup capital is to be used to develop the first hardware and software prototypes. Furthermore, brightup is shortly to be registered as a GmbH, or limited company.

In their work both teams benefit from their different cultural backgrounds and perspectives – the students come from Costa Rica, Germany, India, Macedonia, and Turkey – and from their different specializations in their double master’s program. At the Hamburg University of Technology they are studying Environmental Engineering, International Production Management, Information and Media Technology, and Medical Engineering. They are also, and at the same time, studying for a master’s or an MBA in Technology Management at the NIT. So they benefit from a great deal of input from their different specializations and are able to pursue a global perspective at the same time by virtue of the international make-up of the teams.

Two exciting new startups are taking shape. We look forward to further progress and wish them every success!

Further information about Terra Pellet:

Website: www.terrapellet.de

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Terra-Pellet/274752349324047?ref=stream

Further information about brightup:

Website: http://brightup.de

Facebook: www.facebook.com/brightupmyhome


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